What Makes On Air Conditioner Better Than The Other

What makes one air conditioner better than the other? Is a specific brand of air conditioner worse than the other? Is a high-efficiency system better than a low-efficiency one? What is the factor that can make a system successful or unsuccessful?

When people decide that they require to replace their air conditioning unit or need to buy a new unit, they may start by conducting an online search for a dealer that deals with the brand name with which they are most familiar. Sometimes, they may select a dealer that is closest to them. The chances are that they might seek the recommendations of their friends.


Lessons About HVAC

First, here are a few lessons on air conditioners. Only a handful of companies manufacture the compressor that is the heart of the unit. The chances are bright that brands A, B, or C will all have the identical compressor brand. Additionally, the coil configurations of many brands of ACs are fundamentally the same. So, hardly any difference over here too.

The physical sizes per ton are very similar too. The indoor units are often so similar that you have to examine the label to find out who manufactured them. Often the same assembly line is used to manufacture different brands, and then different labels are fixed to the units as required to fulfill the requirements of a specific company.

The human factor is the essential part of the installation of an air conditioning system. Does the technician that looks at your house and determines the unit’s size have any knowledge of what they are doing? If you called X company, and their technician asks you about your home’s square footage and afterward told you you needed unit Y, you can be sure that it is the last time you talk with them. This is not the correct way of doing a proper installation. If the salesperson came out of your home and stood across the street holding up three fingers and then informed you that you required a three-ton unit, ignore them.

A complete heat loss/gain calculation is required to properly determine the air conditioning or heating unit’s size. Some experience is helpful to do this properly, and complex numbers are essential. The r-value of the house’s insulation is required. The window and door sizes are extremely vital. The condition of the windows and doors play a crucial role. The window’s orientation can also make a huge difference. Large windows facing southwards can increase a cooling load by tons. The area where the building is located will also be a huge factor. A house in Maine will need to have less cooling than a home in Florida. Therefore, insist on a detailed heat gain/ loss calculation with every quotation. They will vary a bit from program to program and from the differences in the human input to the programs. After seeing a few different models, you should get a good idea of what you need. Go with the average and throw out the extremes.

How Installation Can Determine The Life Span Of AC

Artistry is another factor that is very important to think about. Installed incorrectly, the best air conditioning system will remain a piece of junk. If the copper piping from the air handler to the condenser is not installed properly or not sized correctly, the system will not last long or work properly. The ductwork quality, which distributes the cooling and heating to the building, is even more important. In case the tape holding the joints together comes apart, the ductwork will leak and lead to cooling or heating of unwanted areas, including the exterior of the home. That will play mayhem with your system’s efficiency. Therefore, ensure that the artistry on the ductwork is of the best standards. On many occasions, it can be extremely problematic to fix leaking ductwork at all after the installation. You should expect good quality ac repairs to happen. The same applies to ductwork in metal. Metal, if it is not formed or installed correctly, can also have many leaks. I have viewed numerous hack jobs over the years with both metal and duct board.

My air conditioning and heating systems experience has taught me that a poor installation can ruin even the best equipment. You might have to spend time to find a suitable contractor to do your installation job. It would be best if you had the patience to get the contractor to do the best work. In the end, the wait will be worth it. Even if a good contractor charges a higher price to install your air conditioning system, it will be worth it in the end. You will save a lot in reduced energy costs over the lifetime of the system. Therefore, always opt for a good and reputable contractor for your air conditioner installation job.