Why You Need To Know Your Air Conditioning Contractor

Making sure your building’s air conditioner is in perfect working order is one of the most important tasks for any building manager. To avoid taking chances on the well being of the air conditioning system, make a point of getting to know your local A/C contractor. When you interview potential contractors, keep in mind the following:

1) Insurance and Licensing

Different states have differing and often rigorous requirements for air conditioning contractors, and having a valid license means your contractor has met them. You also have the backing of your state if a contractor is licensed but they end up doing work that isn’t acceptable. At least $300,000 in liability insurance must be carried in MD and the technician must be listed on the insurance certificate, if that technician is performing contracted work. The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation in your state can provide more information on this.

2) References

A list of customers they recently worked for should be provided to you by any reputable air conditioning contractor when asked. Try to talk to at least some of the names on that list to get an idea of how happy they were with the work, and the way the company operates. Some questions to ask might include whether any problems or delays were taken care of efficiently, whether the work was completed in the projected time, and whether the customer was 100 percent satisfied.

3) Designations

Lennox and other major manufacturers have a program that involves technicians undergoing further training and meeting higher standards of customer service. This ‘Premier dealer’ title, as its known, means that a technician is more knowledgeable and up to date with different systems. That’s important because most contractors work with a variety of different systems and brands by a range of manufacturers.

4) Written Estimates

Any good contractor should provide you with a clear and easy to understand written estimate. The overall scope of a project can be documented by means of a written estimate, according to the well known review site, Angie’s List.

5) Assumptions

A good air conditioning contractor will take measurements to ensure that your system is efficient, and won’t just make the assumption that your existing A/C unit was sized properly.

6) Guarantees

A guarantee on the work that has just been carried out should be offered by any reliable contractor, and of course you should also have the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty on any unit you buy. A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is also provided to customers by most contractors, and is valid for a specific length of time.

7) Maintenance Contracts

Although having your air conditioner installed properly is important, making sure it is maintained and repaired as needed is just as essential. Make sure your air conditioning technician explains the maintenance contract to you clearly; it should specify the number of service calls included each year, and exactly what else is included.

It’s desirable to have a good working relationship with your chosen air conditioning contractor, and following the tips above can help you to choose someone reliable, honest and experienced. Here at Dave’s Cooling & Heating, we always out the customer first and we would love to talk to you about your air conditioning needs.

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